We specialize in custom and personalized small batch recipes with non GMO, hormone and steroid free ingredients. We provide a higher quality with greater taste.


Have a recipe?? Grandmas version of something??We can make it, have a idea we are here to help. Fully CUSTOMIZED and fully PERSONALIZED to your wants and likes.


Our Chef

Chef Randy Newell words

After many trips into the back country for various camping, hiking, fishing and hunting trips, I found the need for bringing great food but found that becoming more and more difficult. After slugging in my own meals, then trying other companies, I just wasn't happy with the weight, freezing, dehydrating, the taste and variety that was available on the market.

As a chef, I decided to put my culinary skills and experience, my love for the outdoors and the high demand for great OTG meals together and created “OTG Meals” to be “Here When You’re There”

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own.
— Charles Dikens

What We've Achieved

  • Fresh Non GMO produce

  • Hormone and Steroid free meats

  • Free range chicken

  • Grass fed beef

  • Brought together farmers, vendors and butchers

  • Locally sourced

  • Hand and Home made meals

  • Customised and Personalised recipes